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We do funnels2offer creation2sales strategy

It's time to double your sales with a premium funnel.

welcome to rip on life designs.

Sometimes your first impression is your only impression. Let's find out where you're leaving money on the table. A clear, well designed and strategized funnel can be the difference between a hard yes and a bounce from a potential client.

Branding Strategy

Look professional and stand out from the competition. (they're still using a linktree and typeform).

Mobile Optimization

Funnels look great on desktop and mobile, so no worries if most of your viewers are from IG or Tiktok.

Graphic Design

I have a graphic design background, so I make sure it's put to good use.

Search Optimization

Focus and target your audience through the right channels.

It's hard to find a reliable funnel designer.

Bad Communication

You're fed up with having to repeat yourself multiple times.

Poor Quality

You're tired of paying top dollar for dissapointing designs... you want your ideas to be heard and brought to life.

Slow Turnaround

You're tired of missing deadlines or postponing launches because projects aren't done... trust me, I get it.

Funnels shouldn't be a headache. I'll make it easy for you.

Communication That Matters

I promise to keep you updated throughout the entire project, getting your opinion on the decisions that matter, while doing the heavy lifting to take the stress off your shoulders. Plus, I won't charge you a dime for the extra care and communication! It's my job.

High Converting Designs

You want great design, but more importantly, you want sales. Good news: I don't just take pride in design, I take pride in the complex planning, strategy, and pyschology of a funnel to make it optimized for conversion. I like to walk the line between art and business, because eyeballs are great, sales are better.

No More Missed Deadlines

Need your funnel done by a specific launch date? I've got you. You can trust me to get it done on time. Once we agree on a schedule for your project, we'll get it done, guaranteed.

Want me to design & build your funnel?

Schedule a call with me today!

how the process works

1 1


Design & Conversion Consultation

First we do a deep dive (on zoom) to see what type of funnel would be best for you. Then we create a look + feel board tailored to your style and begin designing your site.

2 2


Drafts & Revisions

Within a few days from your project start, you'll have the first draft (or the "bones") of your project! If you need anything changed, just let me know and I'll implement right away. Two rounds of revisions are included.

3 3


Delivery & Launch.

Once you're 110% happy with your design, we'll launch your site, optimize it for mobile, and hand you the keys to your new online ferrari.

Frequently asked questions

yes! I will be your designer and you'll be in direct contact with me the entire project. 

Glad you asked. 🙂 You'll get 2 rounds of revision after your frist draft is sent over. Additional revisions will be billed at our standard hourly rate.

We'll have designated review times on zoom, and you're always welcome to text/email throughout the project and I will respond within normal business hours (12-8pm CST).


To help online coaches double their revenue by improving design, sales strategy, and their customer experience so they can rip on life...

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I'm Lyssa Scott.

I build beautiful funnels for passionate humans. It’s time to get eyeballs on the projects you’ve worked so hard on and convert those courses, mentorships, and coaching slots into sales. 

This is where design and sales meet; where we walk the line between business and art. 

your kickass offer + a superior funnel = a new level of abundance you’ve yet to experience.

Funnel designer and builder, Lyssa Scott
About Me

Coach x Funnel Designer

I help clients succeed by creating brand identities, digital experiences, and sales strategies that communicate clearly, achieve marketing goals, and look sexy.

I can give proper feedback on your offer and brand before we hit the ground running. We can make any necessary tweaks to ensure your funnel is producing maximum results.

Quite literally a graphic designer and marketing gal in my corporate past life, I enjoy the design process throughly and take pride in the design of your funnel. It won’t look like a 1996 clickfunnel. Promise.

Not only will there be serious thought behind the funnel, we’ll also work on your sales skills and train you to close more deals. With a great design, solid strategy, and sharp sales skills… we’re elliminating the variables and generating more revenue.

Let's see where you're leaving money on the table...

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Based in Tucson, AZ | Working Remote


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